Tips For Giving Your Thirsty Lawn And Garden Adequate Moisture

Irrigation is important for all growing plants, but not all types of gardens and lawns need the same type of irrigation system. There are different types of sprinkler systems from which you can choose; you just need to know which one is right for your plant needs.  Watering A Thirsty Garden When growing a vegetable or flower garden you want to make sure the plant roots receive adequate water, but you don't want to compact the soil. Read More 

Taking A Dip Can Relieve That Pent-Up Stress

Have you ever wanted to have a relaxing spa day, but knew that you could not afford it? Purchasing a spa package at a salon can be an expensive one and done activity, but with a little investment, you can have a spa day whenever you desire. We have all heard of pools and hot tubs installed in residential homes, but combining a pool and spa in Jacksonville, FL is the best of both worlds. Read More