What Problems Can You Face With Your Irrigation System?

Mistakes with your irrigation system’s installation not only results in an inefficient use of water, but it can also be damaging to your lawn. Plants and other vegetation that need water could be left out while other areas of your lawn are overwatered. To help ensure that your system is properly installed, here are some mistakes that others have made and what you can do to avoid them.  

Failing to Account for Rainy Days

On rainy days, unless you have taken steps ahead of time, your sprinkler system could still turn on at the scheduled times. Unfortunately, this could result in your lawn being overwatered. Vegetation that is sensitive to too much water could be damaged if the overwatering occurs on a regular basis.  

To protect your lawn, it is important that you prepare ahead for rainy days. You could choose to manually turn off your system on the days it rains or exercise an easier method. A rain shut off device will monitor the water on your lawn and prevent your system from operating if the water reaches a certain level. You can choose the level, and this will help avoid overwatering. 

Not Enough Pressure

In addition to being careful of overwatering, you need to also be cautious about underwatering your lawn. One of the most common reasons for underwatering is a lack of pressure from the system. If you have a drip irrigation system, this is one of the main issues you should be on the lookout for.  

Whenever you have low water pressure, it could be traced back to your tubing. If the tubing is not adequate enough to support the water that is being pushed through it, it can start to clog. The clogging dramatically slows the amount of water that is exiting through your system.  

Double-check your tubing to ensure that it is the correct size. Refer to your manufacturer’s instructions for ideas on the tubing. 

Skipping an Irrigation Audit

Even with careful planning, it is possible that your irrigation system is not setup to be as efficient as possible. Before you realize it, your water usage could jump and increase your monthly bill. To avoid this, you should consider an irrigation audit by a professional.  

During the irrigation audit, experts will ensure that you have factored in the various watering zones in your yard. They will also help you identify areas that are being underwatered and overwatered. The audit can help you pinpoint where you need to make adjustments and help you determine if it is time to rely on an expert to properly establish your system.

For more information or to schedule an irrigation audit, contact irrigation system companies, like Hydrotech Irrigation Co.

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3 Tips For Using A Wind Chime For Feng Shui Purposes

If you believe in the Feng Shui principles and are looking for ways to improve the positivity and happiness around your home and yard, you may want to consider purchasing some wind chimes. Wind chimes are primarily used outside and have been used since ancient times for many reasons. If you want to get the most out of the wind chimes you purchase and hang, you may want to follow these three tips.

Choose one with a good sound

The sound of your wind chime will determine how well it works for achieving the results you are hoping for. Wind chimes come in many colors, sizes, shapes, and materials. You can choose any type you would like, including ceramic, metal, or wood. All types can offer great results; however, you should make sure that the sound it makes is pleasant to you. The sound should always be something that really calms you and is enjoyable to your ears. If you buy one with a sound that you do not like, you should not use it at your home.

Make sure it has the correct number of rods

Wind chimes can have only a few rods or many, but you should try to select the right number based on your needs. For happiness and good fortune, you should choose a wind chime that contains 6 to 9 rods. If you are trying to fight illness, you may want to choose one with only two rods.

Place it in the right location

The placement of your wind chime is also extremely important to consider with Feng Shui, and where you place your chime will also depend on the material it is made from. If you purchase a metal wind chime, you should hang it somewhere in the west or north. For a wood wind chime, hanging it in the east or south is best. If you purchase a ceramic one, hang it in the northeast or southwest.

In addition, you should try to find a location that is near your doorway entrance and in an area that is used often. You will experience more benefits from your wind chime if you can hear it often.

Wind chimes are an important part of Feng Shui, and they can bring good luck and other positive things to your home. To find the right wind chime for your house, visit an online store that sells wind chimes. 

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3 Reasons To Consider Carpet Over Hardwood Floors

One of the most common issues that many people run into when deciding to replace the floors in their homes is trying to choose between carpet and hardwood floors. This decision is typically quite difficult because both options are fantastic and offer their own unique set of benefits. Listed below are three reasons to consider carpet over hardwood floors in order to help you make the decision a bit easier.

Keeps The Noise Down

One of the biggest reasons to consider carpet is that it is going to help keep your home quiet. This is because hardwood flooring will actually cause sounds to echo, which can be very annoying if you are trying to relax or work from home as a lot of the noise being made in the rooms with hardwood floors will be amplified and carry throughout the house.

The noise is even worse if you have a dog as the sound of scrabbling and clicking claws when your dog runs across hardwood floors can get old very fast. However, carpeting will be able to absorb those sounds more effectively and keep the noise levels down. 

Saves You Money

Another reason to consider carpet over hardwood floors is that it can save you money in a variety of ways. The main reason for this is that carpet will only cost a small fraction of the price of hardwood flooring if you were to install it all over your house. However, carpet can also save you money by increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Carpet increases your home’s energy efficiency because it provides a layer of insulation that can help keep your home warmer in the winter, which can help lower your heating bills. On the other hand, hardwood flooring doesn’t really provide any insulating properties.

Is Easier On The Body

Finally, you should consider carpet over hardwood floors because it is so much softer, which can make things much easier on your body. For example, when you stand or walk on hardwood floors or other hard surfaces for long periods of time, your legs and feet can actually begin to feel quite sore and uncomfortable and can actually lead to back pain over time. In addition, if you have children, then carpet is a safer option than hardwood because when your children trip and fall while playing or roughhousing, the carpet will be able to cushion the impact a bit and lower the chances of an injury occurring. 

Contact a carpet professional or a contractor today in order to discuss the many benefits that carpet can provide. Carpet is a great option for your floors because it can keep the noise down, save you money, and is easier on the body.

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3 Fun Themed Picture Frame Ideas

When it comes to decorating different rooms in your home, you will likely incorporate some type of theme in these rooms. Because of this, you want to include a variety of decorative items that go along with this theme. A great decor item is a picture frame. However, rather than just purchasing pre-made picture frames, you can instead purchase some regular basic picture frames and then customize them yourself. This article will discuss three fun, themed picture frame ideas. 

Antler Picture Frame 

If your husband has a man cave in your home where he houses all of his hunting mounts, animal rugs, and other hunting trophies, it is important that this room has more decor items in it that goes along with this theme. A great idea for decor items is to create some customized picture frames out of elk antlers that your husband has gathered. You can simply take a regular wooden picture frame and then glue or screw the antlers into the wood. These picture frames can then house pictures of your husband with his different kills. 

Seashell Picture Frame

A great theme to use in a bathroom is an ocean theme. This will include things like fish, seashells, fishnets, sand, and more. A fun way to incorporate some pictures of fish and other ocean pictures into the bathroom is to create some custom seashell frames. These frames are made by hot gluing seashells over the entire wood surface of the frame. If you’d like, you can spray paint the frame blue or some other ocean-themed color before gluing the seashells into place. Also, to mix things up, you can glue other items onto the picture frames, such as small ceramic fish, sand, toy size fishing poles, boats, surfboards, etc. 

Lego Picture Frame

If you have a little boy, then you likely know how obsessed they can be with Legos. They can be made into some of the coolest things and can be played with for hours and hours. Because little boys love Legos so much, this can be a great theme for either a little boy’s toy room or a boy’s bedroom. You can create several things for the bedroom out of Legos, such as coasters, pencil holders, and also some pretty cool picture frames. You can house some adorable pictures of your little boy inside of a frame that is entirely created out of Legos. To create the frame you are going to start off with a regular wood frame, and then use hot glue to glue on a combination of Legos until the entire surface is covered. 

For more information, contact Artistic Wholesale Supply or a similar company.

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FAQ About A Louvered Patio Roof

Are you trying to figure out the most ideal way to cover your backyard patio? You might want to consider getting a louvered roof installed over your patio area because it is worthy investment. Take a look at this article for answers to some of the questions that you might have in regards to a louvered patio roof.

What Is a Louvered Roof?

A louvered roof consists of multiple slats that can be opened and closed. You will have the option of having a solid roof over your patio when desired, or the slats can be opened. A louvered roof can be useful all throughout the year and in various weather conditions.

Does a Louvered Roof Have Good Wind Resistance?

A louvered roof offers great wind resistance. For instance, you won’t have to worry about wind knocking the roof down as you would with some awning options. You can also enjoy time on your patio without wind being a nuisance if you close the louvers. You can add a patio screen along with the louvered roof for even greater wind resistance.

Will There Be Protection Against Rainwater?

When you have the louvers on your patio roof closed, rainwater will not come through. There are also louvered roofs that are equipped with rain gutters that can route water away from your patio area. Rainwater will not be able to come through because the louvers will be installed to securely overlap each other when closed.

How Much Shade Can Be Enjoyed?

You will have a lot of versatility when it comes to achieving shade. You can opt for only slightly closing the louvers to enjoy a little shade, while still allowing sunlight to pass through. Closing the louvers completely will allow you to enjoy the fullest extent of shade, which is great when there are high temperatures outside.

Does a Louvered Roof Help with Energy Efficiency?

A louvered roof has the ability to assist with your home being energy efficient. For instance, on cold days, the louvers can be positioned to allow the sun to shine into your house if it is out. You will then be able to enjoy the natural warmth that it provides. During the summer, the louvers can be closed to prevent the sun from shining through the patio doors and creating heat. Browse a louver roof shop to find one that can be installed over your patio area as soon as you are ready for it. Contact a company like Apollo Opening Roof for more information.

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9 Tips For Controlling Ants In Your Home

When ants enter your home, it is usually to find food or water. Unfortunately, they will not go away on their own and you have to take measures to get rid of them. Once they are gone, it is important that you continue to keep them out. If you have an ant problem, here are some tips for getting rid of them and avoiding a future infestation.

  1. Place traps around the home. Bait traps specifically designed for ants can help you get rid of the ants without putting your family’s health at risk. Try to place the traps in areas that ants typically forage for food, such as the kitchen. 
  2. Use non-repellent insecticide. A non-repellent insecticide does not have an odor that is detectable by ants. Spray the insecticide in the entry points for the ants and in the areas in which the ants congregate. 
  3. Seal the entry points. Ants usually enter the home through cracks or crevices. You can use caulk to seal those points and keep the ants out of your home. 
  4. Take the trash out immediately. Whenever your trash bin is full, it is important to get it out of your home as soon as possible because it can attract ants. When taking it outside, spray the inside of the bag with insecticide before closing it. 
  5. Vacuum daily. Ants can feed on tiny granules of food. It is almost impossible to ensure that you get everything off your floors with a broom, so use a vacuum. In addition to vacuuming, make sure you are mopping non-carpeted floors on a regular basis. 
  6. Clean your pet’s food and water bowls. Ants will feed on any food and water source, including your pet’s bowls. Check the bowls throughout the day to ensure they are clean and there are no substances spilt around them. 
  7. Store food in containers. Open food in your pantry or cabinets needs to be stored in sealed food containers. You also need to avoid leaving ripe fruit out. Move the fruit to the refrigerator to avoid attracting ants. 
  8. Check for and fix leaks. Plumbing leaks, such as under your sink, can provide the water that ants need to survive. When you fix the leaks, you cut off their supply.
  9. Call in the pros. Getting rid of ants and preventing a future infestation often takes a combination of professional and do-it-yourself techniques. The pro (such as one from http://www.greenleafpest.com) can identify and take care of the queen ant to help avoid a future problem.  
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5 Things To Consider When Shopping For An Office Chair

Is your office chair worn out and you are trying to think of a good replacement? There actually numerous aspects of an office chair that you must pay attention to if you want to make sure sitting in it for hours will be comfortable for your body. In this article, you will find a list of helpful tips that can help you make a good decision when replacing your office chair.

1. Pay Attention to the Material

You don’t want to purchase an office chair that can make you sweat, such as one that is plastic or leather, especially if you wear clothes that expose your legs a lot. If is in your best interest to choose a fabric that is breathable when you are sitting in it for long hours.

2. Make Sure Your Spine Will Be Supported

The lumbar spine of your back is one of the main things that your office chair should support. You should consider a chair that fully supports your lumbar spine by providing plenty of cushioning and allow the backrest to tilt. The most ideal office chair will have a backrest that is naturally contoured to accommodate the shape of your back.

3. Choose the Right Height

It is important for you to choose an office chair of the right height. Test the chair out before purchasing to make sure you feel comfortable with the height. A poor height can lead to you sitting in the chair with bad posture and feeling uncomfortable. If you are unable to test the chair out because you intend on buying it online, simply opt for one that allows you to adjust the height.

4. Opt for a Chair That Has Armrests

Make sure your office chair of choice is equipped with armrests. You will benefit from armrests because they can help you avoid slouching in your chair. Armrests are also ideal for preventing pain in your shoulders and elbows.

5. Get a Waterfall Seat

Other than making sure that your office chair has a good cushion, you must also pay attention to how the seat is designed. It is in your best interest for you to opt for a chair that has a waterfall seat. Basically, a waterfall seat is slightly slanted and has a curved edge at the front. A waterfall seat can relieve pressure behind your knees and thighs, as well as keep blood properly circulating in your lower legs. Visit an office chair dealer to find one that meets your needs as soon as you are ready. Visit websites like http://www.officefurniturebarnpa.com for more information.

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