How To Transplant A Small Tree

Is there a small tree in an inconvenient place in your yard? Instead of just cutting it down, why not move it to a more desirable location? This guide will explain to you how to transplant a small (about 4 feet tall or smaller) tree or shrub. Step 1: Tie up the tree's foliage. This won't be necessary if you have a tree with only a few branches and little foliage. Read More 

Four Situations Where Installing Artificial Turf Is A Great Idea

Have you ever considered installing artificial turf on your property? It may seem like an unusual idea, but there are some circumstances where it makes a lot of sense. In certain instances, artificial turf can be a better option than natural grass. This article takes a look at four situations where installing this product is a great choice.   Roof  Although you might think that artificial turf is only used on the ground, this is definitely not the case. Read More 

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Water Softener With The Right Care

Your water softener is responsible for turning hard water into soft water that is better suited for showering and washing dishes. With how harsh hard water can be on your skin and hair, it is important to make sure that the water softener is always in good condition. To help your water softener live for a very long time, it is important that you take the time to make sure that it is in good working order and that you are doing everything possible to extend its lifespan. Read More 

How To Make Your Own Insulating Curtain Panels

With winter approaching, it is time to put away your sheer drapes, and put up something that offers more insulation. If you're looking to save money on insulating drapes, you can make your own for a fraction of a cost of buying new ones. Here's how. Measure your window and purchase fabric. Begin by measuring the distance from the top of your window to the floor. This is the length you will need your curtain panels to be. Read More 

Questions About Mitigating Common Sources Of Tree Damage

There are few plants that are larger or more noticeable than the trees on your property. However, it is possible for trees to be subjected to a variety of threats and risks. For those that are not sure of what their trees need to keep safe from some forms of damage, having a couple of common questions addressed will likely make keeping your trees safe an easier task for you to do. Read More