Questions About Mitigating Common Sources Of Tree Damage

There are few plants that are larger or more noticeable than the trees on your property. However, it is possible for trees to be subjected to a variety of threats and risks. For those that are not sure of what their trees need to keep safe from some forms of damage, having a couple of common questions addressed will likely make keeping your trees safe an easier task for you to do. 

How Can You Prevent Termites From Attacking Your Trees?

Termites can cause extensive damage to your trees within a matter of weeks, and these insects can move to other woody plants or even your house when they are done with your tree. Sadly, many people have little or no knowledge about the steps they can take to minimize the risk of this damage occurring. 

For example, these damaging insects often travel through the ground, and there are pesticides that can be placed in the ground around the tree. These will kill or repel the termites before they are able to come into contact with the tree, but they will not harm the plant. Some homeowners may not like the idea of placing these chemicals in their yards, and these homeowners may be better served by opting for sonic termite control. This approach uses devices that emit high-frequency sounds that will repel termites, and while these systems are more expensive than traditional pesticides, this additional cost may be a small price for avoiding the use of pesticides.  

Is It Possible To Keep Your Tree Safe From Storm Damage?

In addition to termites, storm damage is another routine source of problems for trees. Strong winds can cause extensive damage to trees, and this may result in the tree losing branches or falling over. 

If you own a tree that is unstable or particularly vulnerable to falling over due to winds, you may want to make the effort to reinforce the tree. This is done by attaching special supports to the tree's trunk and branches. These supports are designed to allow the tree to sway in the winds without breaking branches or swaying enough to fall over. Installing these devices is somewhat complex and dangerous because of the need to climb the tree, and this work should be left for a professional to help you avoid injury while ensuring the work is done correctly. 

Keeping the trees on your property safe from routine forms of damage is often an overlooked part of homeownership. Having an understanding about the options for controlling termites and protecting the tree from storm damage will help you ensure that your trees always looks their best. For more information, visit sites like