Four Situations Where Installing Artificial Turf Is A Great Idea

Have you ever considered installing artificial turf on your property? It may seem like an unusual idea, but there are some circumstances where it makes a lot of sense. In certain instances, artificial turf can be a better option than natural grass. This article takes a look at four situations where installing this product is a great choice.  


Although you might think that artificial turf is only used on the ground, this is definitely not the case. For example, if want to install a roof on your home that turns a flat roof into a living space, artificial turf is great choice. Of course, you could install a natural roof of grass and other plants, but these roofs are typical heavier than artificial turf, which might create structural problems. Also, with artificial turf, you do not have to worry about any grass or plants dying and having to be replaced.  


A patio is a great area for the family to relax or entertain guests, but one drawback is that many home patios are made with concrete. Although a durable material, not everyone finds it visually attractive. For a more appealing look, consider having your patio covered with artificial turf. Instead of having everyone walk around on hard concrete, they can take off their shoes and enjoy the feel of comfortable synthetic grass. In addition to patios, artificial turf can also be installed on outdoor decks as well. 


If you are dog owner, then you know that there are some disadvantages to having your dog or dogs use your lawn to relieve themselves. This can create unsightly stains in your yard and also kill the grass in some spots. One good answer to this dilemma is to have artificial turf installed on a portion of your property. With artificial turf, you do not have to worry about staining. In many cases, you can clean the area easily by simply hosing it off. An added benefit is that you don't have to worry about your dog picking up fleas, as these pests do not thrive in this type of environment. 


Do you live in a desert area where water is scarce? Artificial turf is the perfect way to keep your yard green and gorgeous without wasting precious water resources. The lawn will need little maintenance, only the occasional once over with a leaf blower to remove any leaves or other debris. 

Artificial turf is a great option for homeowners in a number of situations. Contact a landscaper such as Alpine Rock and Block for more information about installing it on your property.