Four Upgrades You Can Have Done To Your Business To Reduce Energy Costs

If you have an older commercial business, some of the utilities and appliances can be creating extra costs for your business. Things as simple as lights staying on, or doors not closing can add significant costs to your business. It may be time for you to invest in some upgrades to your business to reduce energy costs. Simple things like renovating your commercial refrigeration system can help to greatly reduce extra costs. Read More 

How To Care For Your Granite

Granite is a beautiful counter top option for your kitchen or even in your bathroom. Although, it is expensive, it is a great addition to your home and holds it's value. It has a very hard and durable surface but is also very porous. Because of this, it requires special care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. See below for tips on how to care for your granite. Cleaning Granite Read More 

Budgeting Wisely For Stunning Kitchen Renovations

You do not need to use up your retirement savings in order to have a kitchen renovation that looks like a million dollars. These great tips will help you get the look you want from your new kitchen without breaking the bank to get there. Gather Estimates and Prices for the Changes You'd Like to Make Do a little homework first so you understand how much various items cost. This will help you establish realistic expectations about what you can actually do and how much the changes you want to make will cost. Read More 

Flowers And Care Packages: Great Gifts For College Students

If you know a college student out of state, you know that getting them a gift can sometimes be tricky. You may not know what they like, and then you have to ship it to them. If you simply want to send them a care package, you may not know what to include or have the time to put one together. Here are some ideas for great gifts for any college student. Read More 

How A Gas Furnace Works To Complete Combustion & What You Can Do To Keep It Clean

Having a gas furnace can become a fire hazard if you are not careful about how much dirt is allowed to accumulate around it and the amount of oxygen in the air. A lack of oxygen and dirt can lead the flame of the pilot to experience incomplete combustion, which is dangerous because it can cause carbon monoxide to get inside of your home. Below, you will find out how a gas furnace works to complete combustion and what you can do to keep it clean. Read More