Come Into The Light: Debunking Sun Room Myths

The concept of a sun room has been around for many years. However, much has changed over the years in terms of look, cost, and maintenance of your sun room. Here are some common misconceptions about sun rooms that should be addressed.

Myth #1: Sun rooms are out of your budget Sun rooms actually cost significantly less than a brick addition to your home. Also, they are considered a valuable asset when you go to sell your home. Adding a sun room to your home not only increases the square footage of your home, but sets it apart from other homes that don't have an extra room for relaxing and entertainment.

Myth #2:  Sun rooms are a lot of trouble to clean Actually, a complete cleaning of your sun room windows is really only necessary about twice a year. You can use a simple water hose with an extension brush in order to reach all the windows in your sun room. Many sun rooms now even come with pop out windows that can make cleaning even more manageable.

Myth #3: A sun room just won't look good on certain homes

With modern sun room manufacturers, any home owner could find a room to fit the style of his or her home. Also, most companies have a gallery of pictures you can peruse or you could even customize your own. Many companies offer their first consultation for free, so there is no loss if you decide a sun room is not for you. Of course, the way you choose to decorate your sun room is one of the biggest factors in making your sun room match the rest of your home.

Myth #4: Your sun room's temperature will be too hard to regulate

Many believe that a sun room will just be a space that is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Yet, sun room manufacturers can build rooms with thermal wall panels to provide energy efficiency and temperature regulation. Heating and air conditioning can be controlled by insulated glass that is double-paned, too. If you still worry about temperature, supplemental options such as fans or fireplaces are available for a sun room. Also, one thing to remember is that since the temperature of a sun room can be more easily maintained now, the issue of foggy windows is a thing of the past.

A sun room can be a great addition to your home and a relaxing place to unwind or spend time with loved ones. Purchasing a sun room doesn't have to be shrouded in misconceptions or frustration. It should be an experience that results in a satisfied customer and added value to your home.