Flowers And Care Packages: Great Gifts For College Students

If you know a college student out of state, you know that getting them a gift can sometimes be tricky. You may not know what they like, and then you have to ship it to them. If you simply want to send them a care package, you may not know what to include or have the time to put one together. Here are some ideas for great gifts for any college student.

1. Care Packages. These are the classic college student gift, often sent by parents to help their children. If you want to send something similar, but don't have the time to put one together yourself, many online companies have pre-made boxes you can order and send to the student. Some flower delivery companies also offer college aimed care packages. Look for something that has nonperishable food in it. Many students get tight on money mid-semester, or quarter, while waiting for their next financial aid check and may need food. Even if they have plenty to eat, extra food is always a welcome gift for hungry students.

You can also look for a box that contains a special treat you know your student really enjoys, such as their favorite candy bars, or that has useful items like reusable hooks and small storage solutions to help them organize their dorm even more. If you do have some time to put together a box on your own, consider sending toiletry supplies that they will definitely be able to use, like disposable razors or shampoo and deodorant. If they don't have a car, buying these supplies on campus can be difficult and more expensive, so they will appreciate the gesture on your part.

2. Flowers or Plants. A classic gift idea is to choose one of the many flower delivery services and have flowers delivered to someone. You may not have ever considered this for a college aged student. Live plants or flowers, however, can actually be a great gift idea for college students. Dorms are often not very cozy, as they are designed to be utilitarian and work for a large number of students over time. Flowers or plants help make a room feel like home, and younger people often don't get flowers, so the gift will be special. Having something that is living in a dorm can be a very nice addition.

These easy to send gifts will brighten up any student's day, and can be sent any time of year. If there is a holiday coming up, you can also find holiday themed care packages and flower arrangements.