Sustainable Furnishings — Smart Additions To Your Household

Sustainable furnishings are often locally sourced. They feature modern designs and may be constructed of reclaimed wood and other repurposed materials. When shopping for a line of 'green' furnishings, use some guidelines to determine a piece's worth and ability to improve the functionality within the room where the furnishing will be utilized.

Sustainable Products

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are compounds that are used to manufacture many building supplies, furniture, and other materials that will be used to construct or decorate a home. VOCs are a source of air pollution and can trigger respiratory issues and other health concerns after prolonged exposure. A sustainable manufacturer will omit the use of VOCs.

They may substitute oil-based paints and varnishes for water-based products. Treatments that are typically used to preserve furnishings may be omitted. Sustainable products are ones that have been rigorously tested for safety. They may contain unprocessed fabrics, including twills and cottons. Wood or other reclaimed materials will be carefully milled and sanded, prior to being sealed with an all-natural product.

The types of materials that are used to create modern furnishings are typically outlined in the advertising that a manufacturer or seller features. Look for the words 'green', non-toxic, repurposed, and chemical free when shopping for modern furnishings that are environmentally friendly. 

Simple Furnishings That Contain Innovative Features

Modern furnishings often possess simple designs and innovative details. A modern ottoman or coffee table, for instance, may contain a basic design but actually be crafted with some modern conveniences in mind. There may be a built-in storage area that is concealed when furnishing is left in its original format. Creative furniture-building processes may use camouflaging techniques to conceal that a piece of furniture can actually be transformed to serve two purposes.

A drop leaf, a sliding door, or removable end pieces may allow you to modify modern furnishing, which will support using a piece of furniture for dual purposes. When shopping for modern pieces, take into account how furnishing will serve you.

You may be in need of display furnishings and support furnishings. A bookcase that contains a glass display case can be used to display collectibles and to store a book collection. A table that contains a glass case can be used to support place settings and to display other items that you own. A sustainable furniture dealer may use repurposed materials to keep costs down, yet offer the most innovative designs that are currently popular.

For more information on modern furniture, contact a company near you.