5 Reasons You Need Custom Residential Windows

When it comes to windows, you have an option for standard or custom designs. In some cases, custom windows are an optional upgrade, while in other instances they may be required due to the design of the existing window openings.

1. Custom shapes

One of the most common reasons to invest in a custom window installation is if you want windows in a non-traditional shape. Round porthole windows, octagon accent windows, and windows with arched tops are all examples of custom shapes. Installation is much more simple for these custom windows if the home was previously framed for the shape, but many installers can also renovate an old window opening if you want to upgrade to a custom shape.

2. Non-Standard Sizes

Many homes are equipped with standard windows, which means that the windows are in a common stock size that will be available from most manufacturers. If you have a window in your home that is larger or smaller than the available standard size, then you will need to have it specially made to fit the opening. Usually, only a few windows won't be standard, such as if you have a large picture window or a narrow above-door window, while the rest will be standard. You can have the custom-sized windows made to look just like the standard ones so you don't have to pay custom prices for all the windows on the home. 

3. Functionality Options

Windows can be a normal rectangular shape in a standard size and still require custom manufacturing and installation. The way the window functions may need to be custom made if you have specific desires or needs, such as wanting a less common opening mechanism such as a French casement or a cafe slider. Depending on the functionality desired, your installer may simply customize an existing standard window or they may need to create the window from the ground up.

4. Upgraded Features 

Another reason to consider custom windows is if you need window features that simply aren't available for the standard windows that are available. An example is for those that live on or near a golf course, where customizing the windows facing the course with shatter-resistant glass can help avoid breakage and personal safety hazards. 

5. Framing and Hardware 

Finally, don't overlook customizing the little things on the window so that it better fits your home's design and personal preference. This may mean requesting custom frame colors if you opt for aluminum or vinyl framing, or upgrading the hardware to something that has a better cosmetic impact compared to the standard options. 

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