Four Reasons to Provide Vacation Rental Guests With Room Shoes

Japanese-style room shoes are simple but stylish slippers that are only worn indoors. If you have a rental home or condo, then providing room shoes to your guests can provide many benefits that will help you save cash and impress your guests. Read on to learn more about this. 

1. Reduce Flooring Wear

Wearing outside shoes in the home can be very hard on the flooring. Shoes track in dirt, which can lead to carpet wear and stains. The bits of grit that sticks to shoes can also scratch wood flooring and ruin the finish on tile and stone flooring. By providing a simple means for guests to switch into more comfortable indoor room shoes, you can reduce a lot of wear and tear on the flooring.

2. Improve Rental Hygiene

The things that the average shoe is exposed to, such as chemical residue on sidewalks or pet waste in the grass, aren't generally things that you want to be in direct contact with. When shoes are worn indoors all of these potential contaminants that can negatively affect your health are also tracked in all over the home. Room shoes for guests can greatly increase the hygiene of the rental property.

3. Make Cleaning Easier

Whether you clean the unit yourself between guests or hire a service to do it, there is more work to do if outdoor shoes are worn throughout the unit. There's no denying that more dirt and debris will be tracked all over the home, which means you will need to shampoo carpets more frequently as well as spend more time on normal sweeping and mopping after each stay. Providing room shoes can reduce the amount of debris you need to clean up, which will save you both time and money in the long run.

4. Improves Amenities

Chances are your guests will provide ratings on a rental platform after their stay. The more amenities that are provided, the higher ratings tend to be. Providing comfy Japanese room shoes for your guests to use during their stay is a small thing that can greatly increase their positive impression of your rental. Further, if you buy the shoes wholesale and encourage guests to take their shoes if they like, then they are likely to be even more impressed by such a simple amenity. 

If you would like to realize these benefits in your rental, then consider purchasing wholesale Japanese-style room shoes in bulk.