What You Can Do If You Find Signs Of Mice In Your Garage

Mice tend to get into anywhere that they can find food. They are scavengers and will go where there's food, and that includes your garage. If your garage has mice in it, they have found food or something to eat. If you have mice in your garage, it's time to take care of the situation before they figure out there are better things in your house and end up there instead. If you have mice in your garage, read on for a few things you can do about it.

Figure Out What They Are Using For Food

If there are mice in your garage, they're eating something, and you need to find out what they're eating. Some things they may have found to consume include bird seed, grass seed, fertilizer, pet food, and other types of feed. Whatever you have in your garage that these pests are eating, you need to either get rid of it or you need to place it in a sealed plastic container in order to prevent these pests from sniffing out the food source.

Find Their Nesting Spot

Find where they are frequenting most and figure out where they are nesting. A mouse nest usually consists of scraps of paper or fabric that are in a pile. If you see any signs such as these, it's more than likely a nest for the mice. Don't touch the nest, as you could get bit by a mouse. Instead, set a trap near the nest and anywhere else you've spotted signs of these pests. Signs of these pests includes gnaw marks or holes in the garage, as well as mouse feces, which look like small black grains of rice. Set multiple traps in these areas, especially if there are a lot of feces or signs that you're seeing, which may indicate a lot of mice.

Trap The Mice

Set and reset traps around where you've seen signs of these pests. Remove the deceased pests and replace the traps with fresh bait to attract more mice that you may have. Be sure the mice are deceased before you attempt to remove the mice from the traps. Continue to set the traps in any areas where you've seen signs of mice.

If you have mice in your garage, they are there for a reason. The mice have found something to eat, and you need to figure out what is attracting them to your garage. If you continue to have problems with mice even after removing their food sources, you should hire a pest control company to help you get rid of these pests. Contact a company that offers mice control services to learn more.