What Problems Can You Face With Your Irrigation System?

Mistakes with your irrigation system's installation not only results in an inefficient use of water, but it can also be damaging to your lawn. Plants and other vegetation that need water could be left out while other areas of your lawn are overwatered. To help ensure that your system is properly installed, here are some mistakes that others have made and what you can do to avoid them.  

Failing to Account for Rainy Days

On rainy days, unless you have taken steps ahead of time, your sprinkler system could still turn on at the scheduled times. Unfortunately, this could result in your lawn being overwatered. Vegetation that is sensitive to too much water could be damaged if the overwatering occurs on a regular basis.  

To protect your lawn, it is important that you prepare ahead for rainy days. You could choose to manually turn off your system on the days it rains or exercise an easier method. A rain shut off device will monitor the water on your lawn and prevent your system from operating if the water reaches a certain level. You can choose the level, and this will help avoid overwatering. 

Not Enough Pressure

In addition to being careful of overwatering, you need to also be cautious about underwatering your lawn. One of the most common reasons for underwatering is a lack of pressure from the system. If you have a drip irrigation system, this is one of the main issues you should be on the lookout for.  

Whenever you have low water pressure, it could be traced back to your tubing. If the tubing is not adequate enough to support the water that is being pushed through it, it can start to clog. The clogging dramatically slows the amount of water that is exiting through your system.  

Double-check your tubing to ensure that it is the correct size. Refer to your manufacturer's instructions for ideas on the tubing. 

Skipping an Irrigation Audit

Even with careful planning, it is possible that your irrigation system is not setup to be as efficient as possible. Before you realize it, your water usage could jump and increase your monthly bill. To avoid this, you should consider an irrigation audit by a professional.  

During the irrigation audit, experts will ensure that you have factored in the various watering zones in your yard. They will also help you identify areas that are being underwatered and overwatered. The audit can help you pinpoint where you need to make adjustments and help you determine if it is time to rely on an expert to properly establish your system.

For more information or to schedule an irrigation audit, contact irrigation system companies, like Hydrotech Irrigation Co.