3 Fun Themed Picture Frame Ideas

When it comes to decorating different rooms in your home, you will likely incorporate some type of theme in these rooms. Because of this, you want to include a variety of decorative items that go along with this theme. A great decor item is a picture frame. However, rather than just purchasing pre-made picture frames, you can instead purchase some regular basic picture frames and then customize them yourself. This article will discuss three fun, themed picture frame ideas. 

Antler Picture Frame 

If your husband has a man cave in your home where he houses all of his hunting mounts, animal rugs, and other hunting trophies, it is important that this room has more decor items in it that goes along with this theme. A great idea for decor items is to create some customized picture frames out of elk antlers that your husband has gathered. You can simply take a regular wooden picture frame and then glue or screw the antlers into the wood. These picture frames can then house pictures of your husband with his different kills. 

Seashell Picture Frame

A great theme to use in a bathroom is an ocean theme. This will include things like fish, seashells, fishnets, sand, and more. A fun way to incorporate some pictures of fish and other ocean pictures into the bathroom is to create some custom seashell frames. These frames are made by hot gluing seashells over the entire wood surface of the frame. If you'd like, you can spray paint the frame blue or some other ocean-themed color before gluing the seashells into place. Also, to mix things up, you can glue other items onto the picture frames, such as small ceramic fish, sand, toy size fishing poles, boats, surfboards, etc. 

Lego Picture Frame

If you have a little boy, then you likely know how obsessed they can be with Legos. They can be made into some of the coolest things and can be played with for hours and hours. Because little boys love Legos so much, this can be a great theme for either a little boy's toy room or a boy's bedroom. You can create several things for the bedroom out of Legos, such as coasters, pencil holders, and also some pretty cool picture frames. You can house some adorable pictures of your little boy inside of a frame that is entirely created out of Legos. To create the frame you are going to start off with a regular wood frame, and then use hot glue to glue on a combination of Legos until the entire surface is covered. 

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