9 Tips For Controlling Ants In Your Home

When ants enter your home, it is usually to find food or water. Unfortunately, they will not go away on their own and you have to take measures to get rid of them. Once they are gone, it is important that you continue to keep them out. If you have an ant problem, here are some tips for getting rid of them and avoiding a future infestation.

  1. Place traps around the home. Bait traps specifically designed for ants can help you get rid of the ants without putting your family's health at risk. Try to place the traps in areas that ants typically forage for food, such as the kitchen. 
  2. Use non-repellent insecticide. A non-repellent insecticide does not have an odor that is detectable by ants. Spray the insecticide in the entry points for the ants and in the areas in which the ants congregate. 
  3. Seal the entry points. Ants usually enter the home through cracks or crevices. You can use caulk to seal those points and keep the ants out of your home. 
  4. Take the trash out immediately. Whenever your trash bin is full, it is important to get it out of your home as soon as possible because it can attract ants. When taking it outside, spray the inside of the bag with insecticide before closing it. 
  5. Vacuum daily. Ants can feed on tiny granules of food. It is almost impossible to ensure that you get everything off your floors with a broom, so use a vacuum. In addition to vacuuming, make sure you are mopping non-carpeted floors on a regular basis. 
  6. Clean your pet's food and water bowls. Ants will feed on any food and water source, including your pet's bowls. Check the bowls throughout the day to ensure they are clean and there are no substances spilt around them. 
  7. Store food in containers. Open food in your pantry or cabinets needs to be stored in sealed food containers. You also need to avoid leaving ripe fruit out. Move the fruit to the refrigerator to avoid attracting ants. 
  8. Check for and fix leaks. Plumbing leaks, such as under your sink, can provide the water that ants need to survive. When you fix the leaks, you cut off their supply.
  9. Call in the pros. Getting rid of ants and preventing a future infestation often takes a combination of professional and do-it-yourself techniques. The pro (such as one from http://www.greenleafpest.com) can identify and take care of the queen ant to help avoid a future problem.