3 Sneaky Turn-Offs Every Open-House Home Seller Needs To Know

Hosting an open house with your real estate agent greatly motivates your chances of finding an interested buyer for your home quickly. An open-house event allows prospective buyers to come in, take a look around, and try and picture themselves living in the space that you now call your own. However, if you are not careful about every aspect of the event, you could send buyers off into another direction with the wrong impression of your property. There are at least three sneaky turn-offs you should take out of the equation before your open house event. 

1. Dirt, Dust, Grime, or Gunk - From that weird color on the grout of the tiles to that spot in the carpet left behind by spilled wine, all of these small things make a house look like it's dirty and unkempt. You may think that you have done all of the cleaning you can do, but if you are preparing for an open house, take your efforts a step further. Hire a pro to clean the carpets, invest in a steam cleaner to budge stubborn grime on grout, and do whatever it takes to make the house shine like it is brand new. 

2. Odd or Unusual Odors - It has been said that every home has its own scent and maybe that's true, but just because the scent of your home and family does not seem out of the ordinary to you, this may not be the truth in the nose of a prospective buyer. Any odd odor in a home can be a huge deterring factor and should be eliminated if at all possible. For the week leading up to the open house, make sure the house gets plenty of fresh air by opening doors and windows when you can. Avoid using super-fragrant detergents and cleaners also, as even these fragrant smells can leave a funky residual odor lingering. You should even avoid cooking some foods in your house a few days prior to the event, such as onions, garlic, or seafood. 

3. Pets and Their Belongings - You may love Fido or Ms. Whiskers to pieces, but not every homeowner likes animals in the house. About 27.5 households in America do not currently have a pet, and any trace of a pet in the house could really turn some buyers off. Make sure you find a sitter for your pets for the day and get anything out of the house that may indicate that you do have an animal inside, such as food bowls, toys, or even pictures of your four-legged family member. 

To learn more about properly preparing your home for an open house, speak with a real estate agent, such as those at Felte Real Estate.