Four Upgrades You Can Have Done To Your Business To Reduce Energy Costs

If you have an older commercial business, some of the utilities and appliances can be creating extra costs for your business. Things as simple as lights staying on, or doors not closing can add significant costs to your business. It may be time for you to invest in some upgrades to your business to reduce energy costs. Simple things like renovating your commercial refrigeration system can help to greatly reduce extra costs. Here are four areas that you can upgrade to reduce your energy consumption:

1. Automation For Commercial Businesses

Automation can be used for many areas of your business. You may want to have timers and access controls for authorized areas of your business. You can also have things like motion sensors installed in areas like bathrooms. This can be done for lighting, plumbing as well as exhaust fans and other things that tend to get left on. Automating these simple areas of your business will help to reduce the money you spend on things like the lights being left on. You may also want to consider automated entrance doors, which will ensure that doors are not left open.

2. Improving The HVAC System

Modern commercial HVAC systems are energy efficient and can incorporate technologies like solar energy and geothermal systems. You can have the HVAC system for your business designed to use geothermal heat exchangers, which can also be part of commercial refrigeration systems. You can have commercial geothermal systems designed to help reduce energy consumption of HVAC and refrigeration for your business.

3. Upgrading You Commercial Refrigeration System

Many things can also be done to upgrade your commercial refrigeration system. These improvements can include things like connecting the refrigeration to geothermal systems. You can also have things like lightings and motion sensors installed on your refrigeration system. You may also want to have actuators installed on doors, which will ensure that the doors are not left open.

4. Replacing Old Lighting With Newer Energy Efficient Lighting

Many old commercial businesses have incandescent lighting, which is inefficient and uses more electricity than things like CFL or LED lighting. You can have the lighting in your business replaced with more energy efficient lighting to reduce costs. If you have a parking area with lighting, you may also want to consider having LED parking lighting installed to further reduce the energy costs of lighting in your business.

You can upgrade these areas of your business to reduce the energy costs for your business. You can contact a commercial refrigeration service like Decatur Heat & Air, Inc. to get started with some of the upgrades to your business refrigeration.