How To Care For Your Granite

Granite is a beautiful counter top option for your kitchen or even in your bathroom. Although, it is expensive, it is a great addition to your home and holds it's value. It has a very hard and durable surface but is also very porous. Because of this, it requires special care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. See below for tips on how to care for your granite.

Cleaning Granite

When cleaning your granite, you have to be sure not to use any harsh or abrasive cleaners. Cleaners--such as vinegar, citrus, window cleaners, bleach, or ammonia--should not be used on your granite. They have a low pH, which can scratch, etch, or pit the surface of your granite. Use cleaners with a neutral pH, such as cleaners that are specifically made to clean granite. Use a micro-fiber cloth with the cleaner once per week. Clean your counters with a micro-fiber cloth and water for daily cleanings. 

You can also use a homemade cleaner, using 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of dish soap, in a spray bottle. Fill the spray bottle the rest of the way using water, and spray onto your counters. Wipe away the cleaner using a micro-fiber cloth.

Maintenance Sealing

Sealing your granite is something that needs to be done, when water no longer beads up on the surface of your granite. You can test this by spraying water onto your granite, or using a paper towel test. Lay a wet paper towel onto your granite for 5 minutes. If there is a dark mark on your granite, from where the water soaked into your granite, you need to seal your counter top.

You can seal your granite yourself, or you can contact a stone professional, like from Artisan Granite & Marble, for help. Look for granite sealer at any granite retailer, and follow the manufacturer directions. Sealing can be done using a paint brush, or using a spray bottle, depending on the type of sealer you purchase. 

Other Tips

  • Inspect your granite at least once per year. Look for cracks, shifting, stains, scratches or other types of damage. Contact a stone care professional if you have any problems with your granite.
  • Clean up spills immediately, to avoid the spill absorbing into your granite.
  • Use trivets under your hot cookware.
  • Use coasters beneath citric or acidic drinks, like sodas or juices.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your granite, should be done to keep your counter tops looking gorgeous.