Love Your Older Gas Stove But Cannot Turn It On? Try These Simple Tricks

If you own a gas stove, the chances are good that you've come up against some challenges when it comes to actually being able to turn it on. It happens to everyone from time to time. But by learning a couple of tricks, you can eliminate the problem, and get down to the business of preparing your family's favorite meals in no time. This guide outlines two common problems that you might experience with your gas stove, and how to fix them.  

Missed Food Debris on the Igniter

Sometimes cleaning your stove daily isn't enough to keep it in proper working order. If you're having trouble lighting the stove, the chances are pretty good that some food is caked on the igniter, effectively preventing it from working. Take the burner plates off the stove and set them aside to check for stuck-on sauce or other food debris.

The igniter is located on the stovetop or under the ceramic strike plate. It is a round ceramic piece that's between two of the metal plates where the flames come out.

Wet an old toothbrush and scrub the igniter, removing all food debris around it. Once you have performed this step, try to turn the stove on again. If it doesn't work, try the next step.

Dirty Pilot Light Hole

Turn the gas to the stove off and then lift the lid. It has hinges on the back, so you won't take it completely off. If there is a "kickstand" to prop the lid up with, go ahead and use it, so you'll have both hands free to work.

Use a needle or a pin to clean out the pilot hole. Do this gently so that you don't make the hole bigger than it already is. Simply push the needle down into the hole and then pull it out. Wipe off the needle with a towel, Repeat until the needle comes out clean.

Use the needle to clean the inside of the pilot tube, using the same process as the pilot hole. When finished, turn the gas back on and relight the pilot light. Then remove the kickstand and lower the lid gently.  

Call your appliance specialist or a contractor, from a place like, if the burner still doesn't light after these two processes, or if the pilot light won't come on at all. Keep your stove clean at all times to prevent germs, bugs and food debris from harming other operational elements. Share this with a friend if you're at their home for a meal, but their stove won't light.