Unusual And Space Saving Storage Ideas For Your Home

If you have more stuff than you have room for, maybe you have considered a yard sale. However, when it comes right down to putting price tags on your stuff, you find you need it for one reason or another. Instead of a yard sale, you need the kind of storage space you can use for more than just storage.

Check out these ideas for making more room while also adding to decorative appeal of your home:

Getting The Most Out Of Your Staircase

If your home has a staircase and you need additional storage space, you should check out the stairwell. Beneath your stairs could be plenty of room for storing items like holiday decorations and the kid's toys. Many homes take advantage of this space, being built with a door built into the stairwell during construction.

However, the stairs can be made into drawers as well, making even more use of the space taken up the stairs. Stairway drawers are unique and your guests will never guess each stair is also a drawer.

Making More Room In The Nursery

Most new parents find they end up with a lot more baby items than they will use in the first year of their baby's life. However, many of the baby items you have will be used later on, so making room for them is important. One way to add more room to your baby's nursery is with a unique changing table that folds into the wall when not in use. A hidden changing table means you do not have to take up floor space with a large, bulky changing table.

Organizing Your Kitchen Clutter

Of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen can be the one that ends up cluttered with everything from counter appliances to spice canisters. Making room on your counters is important for having enough room to prepare meals without the stress of dealing with clutter. Shelving and drawers built underneath the cabinets can make room on the counters and allows easy access to their contents as well.

The Empty Space In An Old, Unused Fireplace

Old fireplaces not being used are perfect places for unique and decorative storage space. One way to use an empty fireplace is enclosing it and building shelves inside it. Shelves inside an old fireplace can be used for books or other items you are trying to make room for. A fireplace used as storage space can be especially beautiful if it has an unusual mantle.

Many small areas in your home can be converted into neat and odd storage spaces. Maybe the wall in a hallway could have floor to ceiling shelves built on it for additional book storage. Using wardrobes and dressers in rooms other than the bedroom can also be a unique way to add additional space for your stuff. Designing unusual storage space is fun and it can help you avoid the stress of a yard sale.

For more help knowing how to store and handle your possessions, contact a company such as Palmisano Ralph Movers with any questions or concerns you might have.