Tips For Giving Your Thirsty Lawn And Garden Adequate Moisture

Irrigation is important for all growing plants, but not all types of gardens and lawns need the same type of irrigation system. There are different types of sprinkler systems from which you can choose; you just need to know which one is right for your plant needs. 

Watering A Thirsty Garden

When growing a vegetable or flower garden you want to make sure the plant roots receive adequate water, but you don't want to compact the soil. One way good method of doing this is by using a porous hose. A porous hose is made from canvas and is attached to the end of a rubber hose. These hoses come in various lengths. Water seeps through the canvas slowly and is absorbed by the soil right away. 

Porous hoses are ideal for watering vegetable gardens. These hoses throw many fine jets of water, irrigating one row or border at a time. Because the water is dispersed through minute holes, it shoots out a rain-like spray that soaks deep into garden soil to the roots without splattering mud or compacting the soil. 

Watering A Thirsty Lawn

Deciding how best to water your lawn can be confusing. What is the best method? Should you use a hose or sprinkler? 

When watering the lawn, a sprinkler is a better choice than a hose. Sprinklers throw a fine spray over a large area much better than a hose. This means your lawn gets a more even distribution of water that sinks in gradually. A hose emits a large amount of water at once, which can lead to flooding and compaction of your lawn. 

When watering the lawn, keep in mind that it's not the water that reaches the surface that helps your grass grow, but the water that reaches deep, about 6 to 8 inches into the soil, to give the thirsty roots a drink. 

Lawn flooding often occurs when the soil is dry and water is applied too rapidly, like from a hose. To hydrate a parched lawn, turn on the sprinkler until the water begins to collect in pools. After you shut off the water, wait for it to soak in before watering again. Once the pores of the soil have opened, the water will penetrate much faster. 

If you have questions about watering your lawn or garden, contact a local landscaper, such as Bayscapes. They can help you set up an effective sprinkler system for your outdoor needs.